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  • Food Print Card

    Food Print Wallet Card

    Bringing a light tone to the "task" of changing one's food purchasing habits.

  • FoodPrint

    Food Print logo

    This Do It Green! program relates to the "parent" brand by using familiar type and colors.

  • Rain Drop Project

    A logo design, developed in line with Do It Green's other projects.

  • Banners

    Various oversize banners serve as signage in the Do It Green! Resource Center.

  • Do It Green! Brochure

    A standard trifold that brings together all the brand's visual elements. Cover, opened

  • Do It Green! Brochure

    The interior pulls together all the other branded products under Do It Green's umbrella.

  • do it green font

    Do It Green! custom-made font

    This font was inspired by original hand-drawn samples and icons. See more type design...