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  • Crazy Johnny's

    Logo finalists for an upbeat wine shop.

  • Tennessee Williams Festival Logo

    A digital update to an old black-and-white version.

  • Saints and Sinners Festival Postcard

    Designed to work from any angle; inspired by absinthe.

  • Caprio Group logos

    Interrelated logos for the parent company and their software product.

  • Worldwide Music Network

    CD liner notes/insert.

  • Worldwide Music Network

    CD insert, inside.

  • Worldwide Music Network

    CD label.

  • Worldwide Music Network

    Business card.

  • Everlast Renovations

    Business card + identity design.

  • Everlast Renovations

    Door hanger for house painting services.

  • Evers Design

    Thomas Evers: business card and letterhead

    Color and pattern were inspired by client's choice of the word "celadon."

  • Farrell Photographic Business Cards

    Logo clean-up, and design extrapolated from the web redesign. See: Web sites

  • Pilates by Samira

    A great example of a custom solution produced within a modest budget.

  • Scott County Water Education Program logo

    A nonprofit organization advocating sustainable water use.