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  • City Pages Street Team Car

    Tons of work, but well worth it.

  • TW Covers

    Tennessee Williams Festival

    Yearly redesigns serve as program cover, and for a variety of marketing collateral.

  • Artists of the Year Graphics

    All elements—including headlines—conceived and created from scratch.

  • Saints + Sinners Festival

    Design created using paper cutouts. Flexible and reconfigured for various marketing purposes.

  • MN Roller Girls trading cards

    Downloadable trading cards designed as an "online extra" to a City Pages feature story.

  • Minnesota Fringe Festival 2006 Map

    A map inspired by road signs.

  • Minnesota Fringe Festival 2007 Map

    A map resembling a mall directory.

  • Wilson Whitaker Photography

    Promotional item showcasing the photographer's work.

  • Spirit of the Radio Promo

    Promotional mailer for a live concert act (front/back).

  • Spirit of the Radio Promo

    Promotional mailer (interior).