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  • Comix Issue 2012 (HTML/CSS & JavaScript)

    An implementation of Lightbox (JQuery).

  • Best Awesome Cat Videos (HTML/CSS & JavaScript)

    Bringing together the cat video film festival, viral videos, and City Pages coverage.

  • What?s New is Old Again (HTML/CSS & JavaScript)

    Users toggle between vintage and new photos of Twin Cities locales, to see the changes over time.

  • The Art of the Minnesota Brew (HTML/CSS)

    A stand-alone site to visually document the rich history of Minnesota beers.

  • Mpls. Delivery Guide (HTML/CSS & JavaScript)

    Employs modified JavaScript to allow panning around the custom map.

  • Twin Cities Food Truck Map (Flash & HTML/CSS)

    This simple guide directs the user to food trucks? general area, and provides links to their Twitter feed, reviews, and sites.

  • Picked to Click (HTML/CSS)

    Designed then handed off to developers to interface with database data.

  • City of Murals (HTML/CSS)

    A gallery of spray painted art in Minneapolis. Includes video of a winding six-story mural ?